Bushies At Work

Leave it to political mucky-mucks to muck up the public face of the government-science interface. Some sanity returns with a new NASA policy.

“Scientific and technical information from or about (space) agency programs and projects will be accurate and unfiltered,” the new policy stated.

A NASA scientist recently complained when he was censored for stating that 2005 was possibly the warmest year on record.

The release came nearly two months after the resignation of a 24-year-old NASA public affairs staff member, George Deutsch, who told space agency writers to refer to the big bang as a “theory” because NASA should not discount “intelligent design by a creator.”

I suppose Mr Deutsch figured the Almighty used the Bible for a recipe. Twenty or fifty years ago, this would’ve been a commie plot to destabilize the world. Today, they have nowhere to hide. The truth is out there.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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