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British Invasion: The Passion

From CNS, a Passion based on contemporary rock songs: “Our approach is to say that if it gets people interested in the Passion and Resurrection, it sounds positive to us,” said Father Michael Walsh, communications officer for the Salford Diocese. … Continue reading

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Fast For Iraq

Something worth considering. Zenit reports on Chaldean Patriarch Emmanuel III Delly’s call for two days of fasting and prayer for peace in Iraq. “We have estranged ourselves from God by our deeds, we do not obey his will, and we … Continue reading

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Where To Send A Child?

Many adoptions are made by family members. When Anita and I were in classes and going to workshops, we met a few folks who were adopting their grandchildren. Social workers look favorably on this. It can leave open the possibility … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 39

 The heavily footnoted 39th section of Gaudium et Spes concludes this current chapter, by looking to the end times and expressing that universal longing for peace and life, and freedom from sin and death. We do not know the time … Continue reading

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Good Prayers, Bad Prayers, an Emperor and Two Composers

My friends at the New Liturgical Movement have posted an interesting discussion on a comparison between the 1970 English-translated collects and the 2002 Latin originals from Roman Missal III. As I’ve tried to refrain from multi-posting on a single thread … Continue reading

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The Future of Interreligious Dialogue?

Today, Rocco Palmo referred us to a BBC story about Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, the former head of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, recently appointed papal nuncio to Egypt and delegate to the Arab League. As you will remember, the … Continue reading

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It’s Not Lunacy

WaPo article reproduced here on getting back to the moon. NASA wants to get to the lunar south pole. I agree. There might be comet ice in the craters, protected from vaporizing by the eternal shadow at the pole. Previous … Continue reading

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Polar Express

  Cassini’s Jupiter map centered on the south pole. From images taken during its flyby in 2000. Get the details here.

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Fighting Amongst Ourselves

The following column is written by Fr Bohdan Hladio, Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. It is reprinted with permission from Orthodoxy Today. Conflict and Reconciliation Fr. Bohdan Hladio Conflict is a normal part of human life. There … Continue reading

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Corporate Synchronicity

A small cadre of St Bloggers make it their mission to debunk everything DaVinci Code. Honestly, I can’t get excited about the task. It’s just a piece of fiction. And not terribly original, as the story has been circulating for … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 38

Gaudium et Spes 38 addresses some of the recent concerns expressed in the comment boxes here. For God’s Word, through Whom all things were made, was Himself made flesh and dwelt on the earth of men.(cf. John 1:3 and 14) … Continue reading

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What Does A Believer Look Like?

The comment threads on recent Gaudium et Spes posts got me thinking. I’m surprised that a generally positive document in which the Church attempts to dialogue with the world at large garners so much consternation. I could take a great … Continue reading

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Addwaitya, RIP

He looked pretty good for being born during the French-and-Indian War. Died of liver failure a few days ago. If only General Clive hadn’t fed him that imported British booze. More healthful living and maybe some yoga and Addwaitya might’ve … Continue reading

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Of Mice and Men

German scientists may have breakthrough on the ethical impasse on embryonic stem-cell research. My cynical side still tells me ESCR is about corporate profits more than profitable research. Time will tell.

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First Returns From Mars

MRO sends back test images from Planet 4. See the bitty box on the lower right? Magnification factor twelve, Mr Spock. Mars may not be big on moons or ice, but it sure has interesting geology.

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