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Breaking, But Back Thursday

I’ll be taking a blogging break for a few days while I’m in Omaha. I trust Neil to hold down the fort if he cares to post anything. Otherwise, behave yourselves, keep the faith, and have fun. It’s been raining … Continue reading

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Actual Activity

This is old ground covered here before, but my liturgical colleague Shawn Tribe questions the post-conciliar approach to “active participation” in the liturgy. First he says something with which I can completely agree: Now it should be noted that, understood … Continue reading

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Aquinas on Torture

(This is Neil) As we consider the issue of torture, we might find ourselves hesitating when we recall the not insignificant place of torture in the history of the Catholic Church. After Mark Shea composed an article for Crisis arguing … Continue reading

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Iraq: Now What?

I generally don’t blog about politics, but I was struck by a blunt and difficult question Peter Nixon has asked on the Commonweal blog about Iraq: “Now what?” With his characteristic honesty, Peter admitted his own ambivalent feelings regarding an … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon With Titan

  The Cassini probe prepares for a close encounterwith the moon Titan this weekend. The target is a region called Xanadu. Scientists won’t find either Kubla Khan or Olivia Newton-John there. But they’re not quite sure just what they will … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 48

The document continues its treament of marriage and family issues, first by reinforcing the principle that marriage is a permanent covenant: The intimate partnership of married life and love has been established by the Creator and qualified by His laws, … Continue reading

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The Ecumenical Patriarch’s Paschal Proclamation

I wonder if you have had a chance to read Patriarch Bartholomew’s proclamation for this year. I thought that the following excerpt was particularly arresting: Life is risen! Christ is Risen! And we bear witness to His Resurrection not only … Continue reading

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“So that you may be perfect and complete”: Reading the Epistle of James

I would like to look more closely at the Epistle of James. I hope that doesn’t sound so strange that I have to justify myself by suggesting some sort of usefulness for an immediate controversy. To be sure, what might … Continue reading

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DaVinci Code

Zenit has a quote from liturgy head Cardinal Francis Arinze. I’ve lost track of the Catholic bloggers who have written books or set up sites to debunk the book/movie. I saw the trailer on tv last night. My wife remarked, … Continue reading

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More On Lagging

I unearthed some information on my diocese’s non-compliance regarding chld sexual abuse prevention. My theory was correct that a final child education component was left for the new bishop and his staff. A friend who sat on a committee in … Continue reading

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Rainbow Saturn

South to north: pastel salmon to yellow to blue. Saturn appears calmer than Jupiter because of cooler temperatures at cloud tops. The blue clouds in the northern hemisphere are thought to be a winter phenomenon. Saturn’s axial tilt is a … Continue reading

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Another Family Grouping at Planet VI

From left to right, Janus, Enceladus, and Tethys. In order, they’re notable for shepherding the outer edge of Saturn’s main ring system, ice geysers at the south pole, and the Ithaca Chasma, which appears as a wide crack near the … Continue reading

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My diocese made the front page of the local paper today under the headline of “Diocese lagging on safety measure.” Only 11.5 percent of the dioceses — including Kansas City-St. Joseph — were not in full compliance. Diocesan officials said … Continue reading

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Referral to a Friend

Please check out my friend Michael’s web page. He’s an outstanding musician, and a deeply spiritual man: just an all-around good guy. His 2-disk set Virtues is available, and I’d recommend it.

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Peter Nixon brings three pieces to our attention in a dotCommonweal post entitled “The Vineyard of Parish Life.” “(T)he similarities (between thriving parishes): the stress on making a personal decision for Christ and the importance of lay leadership. In an … Continue reading

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