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Offspring of the Dying

Planets might form around pulsars. MIT’s Deepto Chakrabarty: “What’s remarkable here is this process of planet formation, which we associate with the birth of stars, seems to also be able to occur at the end of the stellar lifetime, sort … Continue reading

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Stick to Evolution, Guys

Sometimes, a scientist goes to where no one should go. Okay, fine. So tell me what Chauncey Gardner used on that lake. And as his theory of Jesus’ walk on ice began to circulate, (Professor Doron Nof, a professor of … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist Starts an Easter Vigil

So … when would you start your Easter Vigil, if you were sitting in the Big Chair. The liturgical consensus is after “astronomical” dusk, which is approximately 45 minutes after sunset. Here in the Barbecue City, that would be 8:24PM … Continue reading

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Remember Those Saints’ Names?

Atticus – yes Caspian – prince or not, no Cleer – yes Cynthia – I was surprised it wasn’t, but it’s not on the list I saw Heather – no Heron – yes Herve – de plane, de plane, yes … Continue reading

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Lent and the Poor: Some Reflections from St Augustine

An earlier post quoted Fr Robert Taft, SJ on “the deep human value of asceticism: openness to others is the beginning of growth, and death to self is the condition of that openness.” Fasting and our other spiritual disciplines are … Continue reading

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For John Paul II

I am sure that you have been reading sermons and recollections on the late Holy Father (Rocco Palmo’s, for instance, is here). This is what I wrote several hours after Pope John Paul II died last year. The Archdiocese of … Continue reading

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