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Multiplicity of Ministers

    And they complain about liberal liturgists using too many lay Eucharistic Ministers. Sheesh: at least EM’s are doing something in my parish. Twenty-eight acolytes plus whatever didn’t fit on camera … what is it that they do? Link … Continue reading

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Hurricanes Everywhere

  News feature from the Cassini scientists on the comparison of storms on Saturn with Earth. On Saturn, it may be a very long wait for the calm after a storm. As big and destructive as hurricanes on Earth can … Continue reading

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Fr Philip took exception to my comment: “So I’m led to the conclusion that the externals of worship: the Missal, the musical style, and just about everything else is irrelevant.” … and asked : Todd, how do you square this … Continue reading

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Believing in the Resurrection

I am really not sure what to say about the first year of Pope Benedict’s papacy. I recall a recent John Allen interview with Fr Stephen Pisano, SJ of the Pontifical Biblical Institute that touched on the use of Scriptural … Continue reading

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Caritas et Amor

The watchful hope for the liberation of the 1962/1570 Rite continues. Daily posts at the New Liturgical Movement continue after the rumored deadline has come and gone. Peter Nixon adds a thoughtful post on what’s gone right in liturgical reform. … Continue reading

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