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The Ecumenical Patriarch’s Paschal Proclamation

I wonder if you have had a chance to read Patriarch Bartholomew’s proclamation for this year. I thought that the following excerpt was particularly arresting: Life is risen! Christ is Risen! And we bear witness to His Resurrection not only … Continue reading

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“So that you may be perfect and complete”: Reading the Epistle of James

I would like to look more closely at the Epistle of James. I hope that doesn’t sound so strange that I have to justify myself by suggesting some sort of usefulness for an immediate controversy. To be sure, what might … Continue reading

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DaVinci Code

Zenit has a quote from liturgy head Cardinal Francis Arinze. I’ve lost track of the Catholic bloggers who have written books or set up sites to debunk the book/movie. I saw the trailer on tv last night. My wife remarked, … Continue reading

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More On Lagging

I unearthed some information on my diocese’s non-compliance regarding chld sexual abuse prevention. My theory was correct that a final child education component was left for the new bishop and his staff. A friend who sat on a committee in … Continue reading

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Rainbow Saturn

South to north: pastel salmon to yellow to blue. Saturn appears calmer than Jupiter because of cooler temperatures at cloud tops. The blue clouds in the northern hemisphere are thought to be a winter phenomenon. Saturn’s axial tilt is a … Continue reading

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