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Music on the Web

Some inspiring and enjoyable music for Ascension on the great Australian program, For the God Who Sings. There’s a nice helping of Palestrina and Bach, plus a really nice piece by the Scot James MacMillan sung by the cathedral choir … Continue reading

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Give A Fish, Teach To Fish, Take the Fish

Check out this NCR piece on the experience of doing mission work in Kentucky. Amy also posted the link today, but as of early tonight, she hasn’t opened the doors for her commentariat, so I’ll chime in here. First, I … Continue reading

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Making Progress In Chant IV: Pentecost Sequence

We’ll see how it goes Sunday. Just after the people finish follow-along with reading II, they can check the tune for the sequence in the OCP missal, VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS. For one Mass, anyway. I think I’d adapt something for … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 61

Gaudium et Spes 61 addresses the basic human values of intellect, will, conscience, and community–aspects which the Church insists must be the basis for the formation of new generations: Today it is more difficult to form a synthesis of the … Continue reading

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Roll Over Enceladus

Scientists may have uncovered why the icy moon’s hot spot is at the south pole. We’ve known that small irregularly shaped moons align their long axis toward the large planet. To visualize, a city-sized moon shaped like a potato would … Continue reading

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Posture In the Presence

The no-kneeling fuss in Orange County, California has made its predictable rounds in the blogosphere. A few otherwise loyal and obedient Catholics are somewhat dreaming of being Californians just so they can defy one or two bishops there. (Is it … Continue reading

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Why Was His Homosexuality Part of the Story?

“I’m with the church. I’m just not with hate,” said Father Martin Kurylowicz. This guy professed celibacy, but he’s still out on his duff. Turns out that his revelation of being homosexual dates back nine years, but his suspension is … Continue reading

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New Car

Check out the new heterodoxmobile for the Flowerday homestead. Just imagine a nice liturgical white for Easter instead of ordinary green, and you’re there. My first four-door car ever, and only the third I’ve ever owned. The Great Car Shopping … Continue reading

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Peek-a-boo, Titan

At Saturn, today from the Cassini web page, a color comparison between the solar system’s 2nd largest moon and its largest ring system.

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Armchair Liturgist: Pentecost Sequence

It’s required. It only comes up once a year. Most pew people don’t know the tunes. How would you handle it? All the verses or just some? Is it okay to have the cantor or choir sing it alone? Would … Continue reading

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Armchair Liturgist: Redwear if you Dare

This should be a popular thread. Ever been in a parish where you were asked to wear red on Pentecost? Have you complied or demurred? Would you float the idea yourself? What do you think my take on wearing red … Continue reading

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Saturn and Rigel

They’re not looking for green-skinned slave girls, but attempting to probe for atmospheric structure on the big planet. Stuff of science officers, not captains. Personally, I preferred Susan Oliver as a blonde, and the green skin isn’t really a turn-on. … Continue reading

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Strings on the Liturgical Marionette

The LA Times notices the Orange County brouhaha over kneeling. I think Amy and most of her commentariat miss the mark on it. Liturgical “progressives” are all for diversity, except when it comes to a pet issue or two – … Continue reading

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Laboratory of Unity

The pope is hopeful of mixed marriages among Christians of different denominations. Zenit has last week’s full address from the Holy Father.

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Catholics Have the Seal: Aren’t You Glad?

The evangelicals have discovered confession. Caveat emptor, fundies. A member confesses an extra-marital affair, but refuses to end it. The pastor adheres to the Lord’s prescription for confronting sin in the Gospel of Matthew and takes it to others. When … Continue reading

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