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Tidings of St Louis Jesuits

Good interview from Los Angeles on the group that “wrecked the whole tradition of church music.” John Foley says: What the bishops, the Vatican, the documents of the church are after is quite reasonable: Let’s make sure that we reflect, … Continue reading

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Examining Perfection

Crisis magazine publishes a primer on reading chant notation. Needless to say, a perfectly good musical treatise has been mucked up with propaganda of the wishful thinking variety. Authors Arlene Oost-Zinner and Jeffrey Tucker love chant. I have no doubt … Continue reading

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The Opus Dei – Seamless Garment Connection

My bishop drew some notice when he was “outed” as associated with Opus Dei. I was more interested in substance, especially when he mentioned favorably the notion of a “seamless garment” approach to social justice in his homioly last Pentecost … Continue reading

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Another Word on Participation

Via John Allen, another critic, NPM founder Virgil Funk, takes ICEL head Bruce Harbert to task: (T)he leaders of the liturgical movement, starting with Pius X and ending with Paul VI desired that the assembly “participate” in the liturgy. There … Continue reading

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