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Light in Reverse

When I was an undergrad, we did think our university was a bit backwards. The Optics Department announces a breakthrough.Robert Boyd, Professor of Optics at the University of Rochester: Theory predicted that we could send light backwards, but nobody knew … Continue reading

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The Potato Chip Galaxy

Truly, the English language is vast enough to come up with something more poetic, but it does get the point across: The latest picture from the European Southern Observatory documents a double blast in a warped galaxy that’s been compared … Continue reading

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ID: What Have They Done?

SF author David Brin suggests ID proponents may be opening themselves up for a host of unpleasant alternatives to evolution. In the latest Skeptic. Brin suggests that ID advocates’ self-portrayal — as champions of open debate, standing up to stodgy … Continue reading

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Night Light

Saturnian children have a nightlight during the planet’s long summer. From the Cassini web site: This rare color view of Saturn’s night side shows how the rings dimly illuminate the southern hemisphere, giving it a dull golden glow. Part of … Continue reading

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Problems With Hierarchy

This CARA study would seem to indicate New England Catholics think the problem is with bishops, not clergy. CNS story here.

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Gaudium et Spes 52

Gaudium et Spes concludes its look at marriage and family with this section, beginning with a portrait of domestic tranquility: The family is a kind of school of deeper humanity. But if it is to achieve the full flowering of … Continue reading

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Wisdom from St John Chrysostom

The Spring 2006 issue of In Communion, the quarterly journal of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship has, among other things, a few striking quotations from St John Chrysostom. Since I’m pressed for time, I thought that I would quickly share a … Continue reading

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