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Bishop Switching: Bad Show

Rock reports on a few bishop switches for US dioceses. The movement of a long-time bishop to Washington is partially understandable. But given the pope’s statement several days ago against “careerism” in the clergy … The priesthood is not a … Continue reading

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Why Do People Believe The Da Vinci Code?

I hope that this post isn’t a mistake. I don’t intend to debunk The Da Vinci Code here; that work has already been done very well by others. I would instead like to consider a thorny question asked on the … Continue reading

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Making Progress In Chant II: Psalmody

One widespread misconception (after the false notion of the primacy of hymnody) involves the use of the psalms in Catholic worship. On the 6-7 May weekend, I programmed “Shepherd Me O God” for Communion, where I think it belongs. The … Continue reading

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