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Appealing to Imagination

Amy has a very thoughtful essay, the best and most coherent thoughts you’ll see on her blog (or anyone else’s for that matter) regarding all things daVinci Code. Skip the commentariat, though; they still don’t get it. After reading her … Continue reading

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Little Rock: Not Just Another Discarded First Wife

Pat points out that Joliet’s outgoing bishop requested a replacement with experience to succeed him in leading the US’s 25th largest diocese. Fair enough on the pastoral side, but echoes of Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich* remain with me. Bishop … Continue reading

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Quo Vadis?

The movie is heading for bombhood. So where do the critics go from here? “It’s just fiction.” I guess I have to alter my motto a bit. “It’s just a crummy movie.” The KC Star gave it two stars. I … Continue reading

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Spacing Out

Rhea, three times the size of Enceladus, eclipses the smaller, gushier moon from Cassini’s vantage point. Meanwhile, Orbiter is tough on one of its latest space cadets. I’ve not mastered docking with the lunar orbit station. The best I’ve been … Continue reading

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The Second “Triduum”

We’ve just completed the “traditional” Catholic May Triduum, First Communion, Confirmation, and parochial school graduation. In some ways, the May schedule in a busy parish surpasses the liturgical Triduum with its own brand of busy. First Communion has been done … Continue reading

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