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What Do We Learn From Scripture?

I hope that this post doesn’t take the smallest bit of attention away from the interesting discussion on liturgy (or liturgy and bishops) below. My only suggestion for now is that those interested in the application of Liturgiam Authenticam read … Continue reading

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2006 State Quarters

Just to demonstrate sensible Catholics aren’t one-trick-ponies on the hobby side of life, let me give you a preview of what you’ll be seeing on your vending machine fodder this year. The Nevada Quarter is already a favorite of my … Continue reading

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Making Progress In Chant III: Seasonal Considerations

The easy thing to do is to stick chant in a Lenten ghetto. Give people the impression you’re giving up harmonization for Lent … well, some people do it. I think it might send the wrong message.A music director needs … Continue reading

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Armchair Liturgist: Feast of the Ascension

An always popular topic. Last time I checked, Nebraska and most of the Atlantic Coast north of Washington celebrates Thursday.Do you maintain the fortieth day and lose 60 to 90% of your parishioners? Or is the feast itself too important … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 56

In these conditions, it is no cause of wonder that (humankind), who senses (a) responsibility for the progress of culture, nourishes a high hope but also looks with anxiety upon many contradictory things which (it) must resolve: This short section … Continue reading

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How Bishops Can Get It Right

Hello to all the traffic heading here from Rock’s place. If you’re new, you might especially want to read over Neil’s contributions. They’re worth returning for. Nobody’s consulted me, but unlike some folks, I’m not going to whine about ecclesiastical … Continue reading

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Chuckles In My “Rage”

Rock takes a poke at the latest internet liturgy rumor. After I waste my time with posting at Amy’s about it, then I learn it came from Catholic World News. (Heck, if you want Amy’s link, click the sidebar; if … Continue reading

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