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The Armchair Liturgist: Enthroning the Gospel Book

What about the practice of placing the Book of the Gospels in a prominent place in a church? Pope John Paul II asked that Roman parishes do this during the Jubilee celebrations six years ago. I ask because it’s come … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 57

Gaudium et Spes 57 deals with section 2 (Some Principles for the Proper Development of Culture) of chapter 2 of part II (if you can follow that at home). First, setting one’s sights on heaven is seen as a motivating … Continue reading

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Armchair Liturgist: Church Etiquette

My intent with this occasional feature is to provide readers with a constructive way to express their preferred liturgical policy on some matters. Sometimes I offer my own opinion, but more frequently, I’ve presented actual problems as they are brought … Continue reading

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Humility (Dom Jean LeClercq Becomes a Plumber)

The “Faith Matters” column in the current Christian Century is written by Carol Zaleski and concerns humility. She first points us to George Herbert’s poem “Humilitie” and then shares a memorable anecdote: … Humility’s job is not to crown the … Continue reading

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Can I Be Curious About How It Tastes?

This “living fossil” is described as a cross between a shrimp and a mud lobster. Probably not heading to the menu as a promotional item at Red Lobster, but I do wonder if Larry London has dibs on this specimen … Continue reading

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Zenit gives the full text of Pope Benedict’s May 7th ordination homily mentioned here before in connection with the problem of careerism in the priesthood. It is through (Jesus) that one must enter the service of shepherd. Jesus highlights very … Continue reading

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Vermont Restructuring

Not being terribly familiar with the world of legality, I’m wondering about reader comment about this story. Bishop Matano wants to protect parishioners. From his letter to Vermont Catholics: In such litigious times, it would be a gross act of … Continue reading

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