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Spacing Out

All’s quiet on the Mercury front. The latest Venus probe has settled into a final orbit. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has begun to dip into the Martian atmosphere to slow itself, and refine its orbit. Meanwhile, in my Orbiter simulation, … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 59

Continuing our look at Gaudium et Spes, this last part of the section treating the development of culture starts off by saying, in essence, that culture is a tool for human beings, and not elevated to its own level: For … Continue reading

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Exposed: A Conservative Root in the Culture of Victimhood

Okay, friends, chew on this one awhile: Man blaming woman for how he feels when she dresses. (Or something like that.) The culture of victimhood is proclaimed by many conservatives in identifying the problems of some folks today. I think … Continue reading

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