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Wondering: What’s the Point

I saw this clip at open book earlier today, but didn’t get around to reading it till just now. Amy linked to another guy, Fr Guy, who opined: I ask what the point is of having a national conference which … Continue reading

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For Every Loser, There’s Two Winners

In baseball, this was true four days ago. Thanks to the Oakland A’s losing three games since then, the number of MLB teams with winning records dropped to nineteen (out of thirty). But earlier this week, only ten teams had … Continue reading

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Called By God in Kansas City: Bishops, Religious, Clergy

One of my readers asked for a comment on Rock’s post on a Kansas City’s Nun’s Story. I knew we had other breaking local news, too, so let me commit a possible faux pas by combining this link with another … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 60

Just to keep it in perspective, we’re just starting Gaudium et Spes section 3 of chapter 2 of part II of the document. Remaining in the overall chapter which treats the “Proper Development of Culture”, this next section, “Some More … Continue reading

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The Golden Rules of Summer Vacation

Our pastor asked the kids at the last school Mass today if they could remember (last year’s associate pastor) Fr Shawn’s three rules for summer vacation. Some did. 1. Go to church. 2. Read books. 3. Have fun. Good advice … Continue reading

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Why is it Difficult to Talk about Immodesty?

This will be my last post for a couple of weeks. It’s because I’m getting married. This isn’t something sudden; I’ve just always been reluctant to reveal very much about my personal life on the Internet. I can say, though, … Continue reading

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