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Armchair Liturgist: Redwear if you Dare

This should be a popular thread. Ever been in a parish where you were asked to wear red on Pentecost? Have you complied or demurred? Would you float the idea yourself? What do you think my take on wearing red … Continue reading

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Saturn and Rigel

They’re not looking for green-skinned slave girls, but attempting to probe for atmospheric structure on the big planet. Stuff of science officers, not captains. Personally, I preferred Susan Oliver as a blonde, and the green skin isn’t really a turn-on. … Continue reading

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Strings on the Liturgical Marionette

The LA Times notices the Orange County brouhaha over kneeling. I think Amy and most of her commentariat miss the mark on it. Liturgical “progressives” are all for diversity, except when it comes to a pet issue or two – … Continue reading

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Laboratory of Unity

The pope is hopeful of mixed marriages among Christians of different denominations. Zenit has last week’s full address from the Holy Father.

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Catholics Have the Seal: Aren’t You Glad?

The evangelicals have discovered confession. Caveat emptor, fundies. A member confesses an extra-marital affair, but refuses to end it. The pastor adheres to the Lord’s prescription for confronting sin in the Gospel of Matthew and takes it to others. When … Continue reading

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A Two-Hour Line of Support

A music director from the other side of the line declines to give a three-pronged reassurance to a new pastor. So he loses his job. “I’ve done nothing illegal, nothing immoral,” said Nadeau, who takes the national stage soon as … Continue reading

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