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Why Was His Homosexuality Part of the Story?

“I’m with the church. I’m just not with hate,” said Father Martin Kurylowicz. This guy professed celibacy, but he’s still out on his duff. Turns out that his revelation of being homosexual dates back nine years, but his suspension is … Continue reading

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New Car

Check out the new heterodoxmobile for the Flowerday homestead. Just imagine a nice liturgical white for Easter instead of ordinary green, and you’re there. My first four-door car ever, and only the third I’ve ever owned. The Great Car Shopping … Continue reading

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Peek-a-boo, Titan

At Saturn, today from the Cassini web page, a color comparison between the solar system’s 2nd largest moon and its largest ring system.

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Armchair Liturgist: Pentecost Sequence

It’s required. It only comes up once a year. Most pew people don’t know the tunes. How would you handle it? All the verses or just some? Is it okay to have the cantor or choir sing it alone? Would … Continue reading

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