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Gaudium et Spes 77

Gaudium et Spes 77 finds us at the beginning of Section 2, Chapter V, “The Fostering of Peace and the Promotion of a Community of Nations.” Maybe in academic spheres, people still talk about a “community of nations,” but I … Continue reading

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The End of Pluralism

In the current Boston College Magazine, William Bole writes about a lecture that the provocative theologian Stanley Hauerwas recently delivered at Boston College. Characteristically contrarian, Hauerwas, among other things, said that he wanted no part in a project to “reconcile … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 76

Gaudium et Spes 76 treats a bit of the Church-State issue, starting with the need for people to know the separation between the two in mission: It is very important, especially where a pluralistic society prevails, that there be a … Continue reading

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While on vacation, a friend sent me this note: Hey Todd, This situation here gives me some very mixed feelings. I’m very interested in your thoughts. (I’m sorry if you’ve already addressed this in the past on CS…) reading

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A Short Post on the Song of Songs

The question that this post will seek to answer is: What should we hope to learn from the Song of Songs? I asked myself this question in the weeks leading up to my marriage, especially after my then-fiancĂ© and I … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 75

Gaudium et Spes continues on the political front. This section is a long one, so bear with it, if you can: It is in full conformity with human nature that there should be juridico-political structures providing all citizens in an … Continue reading

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Seeking Competence and Peace

Their “lead” editorial weighs in on the approval of Roman Missal III’s Ordo Missae, NCR dredges up old wounds, hints at a possible resistance, and praises Bishop Trautman’s grace in defeat. Amy and her commentariat are on the ball with … Continue reading

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Altar Server Fun

Our diocese hosted a fun day for altar servers earlier this month. Six of our parishioners attended and a few were featured by quote or photo.   Lauren Nicole Ayer Ruiz of St. Thomas More Parish, said she likes the … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 74

(People), families and the various groups which make up the civil community are aware that they cannot achieve a truly human life by their own unaided efforts. Gaudium et Spes 74 treats the human reality of politics, which is broadly … Continue reading

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Final Travelogue

Returning home tonight, we survived this marathon of a vacation–the longest we three have taken together. 2921.3 miles was the final odometer reading–and it felt every bit of that journey’s length. The pets were appropriately enthusiastic, and after viewing some … Continue reading

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God’s Silence

This a poem from Franz Wright’s new collection, God’s Silence, which I am very slowly reading. Recently, Wright told Mark Temelko of the Anchorage Daily News, who asked about the religious writers who have been important to his thinking “as … Continue reading

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Love Without Limits II

Last December, I posted from an excerpt of Archimandrite Lev Gillet’s 1971 book Amour Sans Limites. Here is a second excerpt. Both come from the “Life in Christ” column on the Orthodox Church of America website. Fire burst forth from … Continue reading

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What are Deacons?

On his always insightful blog, Steve Bogner writes about an article by the ethicist John Kavanaugh, SJ, in the June 19 issue of America: He states that we ‘must offer more than the impotence of outrage and moral posturing‘ in … Continue reading

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Haze and Ice

Two of the more interesting moons in the solar system are contrasted in this image. Ironically, what these two moons hold in common gives rise to their stark contrasting colors. Both bodies are, to varying degrees, geologically active. For Enceladus, … Continue reading

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Finding Sacrifice on the “Platform”

Over the years, I’ve been exposed to much of what “KCKPriest” described in a comment on the “Lesson” thread below. I don’t think his question is out-of-bounds: How often is the Holy Mass used as a platform or background for … Continue reading

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