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Gaudium et Spes 77

Gaudium et Spes 77 finds us at the beginning of Section 2, Chapter V, “The Fostering of Peace and the Promotion of a Community of Nations.” Maybe in academic spheres, people still talk about a “community of nations,” but I … Continue reading

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The End of Pluralism

In the current Boston College Magazine, William Bole writes about a lecture that the provocative theologian Stanley Hauerwas recently delivered at Boston College. Characteristically contrarian, Hauerwas, among other things, said that he wanted no part in a project to “reconcile … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 76

Gaudium et Spes 76 treats a bit of the Church-State issue, starting with the need for people to know the separation between the two in mission: It is very important, especially where a pluralistic society prevails, that there be a … Continue reading

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While on vacation, a friend sent me this note: Hey Todd, This situation here gives me some very mixed feelings. I’m very interested in your thoughts. (I’m sorry if you’ve already addressed this in the past on CS…) reading

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A Short Post on the Song of Songs

The question that this post will seek to answer is: What should we hope to learn from the Song of Songs? I asked myself this question in the weeks leading up to my marriage, especially after my then-fiancĂ© and I … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 75

Gaudium et Spes continues on the political front. This section is a long one, so bear with it, if you can: It is in full conformity with human nature that there should be juridico-political structures providing all citizens in an … Continue reading

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Seeking Competence and Peace

Their “lead” editorial weighs in on the approval of Roman Missal III’s Ordo Missae, NCR dredges up old wounds, hints at a possible resistance, and praises Bishop Trautman’s grace in defeat. Amy and her commentariat are on the ball with … Continue reading

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