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Blood on Human Hands? Maybe Not

Blame the elk instead. Conventional wisdom seems to attribute the North American extinctions of the mammoth, the woolly rhino, and the horse to human invasion about 12,000 years ago or so. Some thoughtful folks have wondered about that. Did spear-wielding … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Patriotic Songs in Church

Do you or would you program patriotic hymns on or near national holidays? If any non-American armchair folks would weigh in to give us a perspective, it’d be appreciated. The musicians at Cantate Deo got me thinking. I’ve added their … Continue reading

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Mona Lisa Speaks

… but not to Dan Brown. Acoustician Matsumi Suzuki recreated the voice of the unknown model by measuring her face and skull. Suzuki also determined the model’s height by measuring the size of her hands. “Once we have that, we … Continue reading

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Shadow of the Rings

This image was taken about a month ago as Cassini looked back on Saturn’s northern hemisphere. According to mission scientists: It is unlikely that the shadows cast by Saturn’s rings have much of an effect on the large-scale movements of … Continue reading

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