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It’s All About Beauty

It’s cool when people get involved on a liturgy committee and then get surprised. Mrs Darwin reports: It looks like my role will be to fight for beauty as well as truth. Father pulled over the whiteboard and started making … Continue reading

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Sinful Kneelers

A clarification on Father Tran’s “mortal sin” comment. Kneeling when contrary to norms is described as an issue of rebellion and disobedience. The spectre of disrespect for the pope is brought into it. I wish all sides would just get … Continue reading

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A Fistful of Sand

Japan’s asteroid mission scientists have a briefing for you. In part: Previously studied asteroids appeared to be lumps of solid rock, but Itokawa is made up of loosely packed bits of sand and boulders, they said. Their findings could have … Continue reading

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Coming Soon

Regarding the summary document from the synod on the Eucharist, Pope Benedict says so At Zenit: ” … I myself can only hope to see this text and learn from it shortly, which might be published later for the use … Continue reading

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Allen With Pell On Translations

A lot of the early brouhaha over the latest ICEL work was with the English and Australian bishops. Pell says they’re on board, so I suspect the Yanks are not far behind. Where do things stand on the new Order … Continue reading

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Taking Stock at St Agnes and the Church

The choir director recently let go from his position at St Agnes Church over on the other side of the state line has landed a church job to replace the one he lost. As I suspected, the issue for Joe … Continue reading

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