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Gaudium et Spes 62

Gaudium et Spes 62 leads off with an admission that the relationship between Church and world will not always be an easy one, yet the over all tone for the believer is a positive one: use the conflicts encountered to … Continue reading

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Armchair Liturgist: Pope Favors Greens

I see the pope still eschews heavy metal in favor of a green aspergium. How many parishes sprinkled on Pentecost, I wonder. It’s a major baptismal feast. Traditionally it ranks up there with Epiphany just below the Easter Vigil.What’s your … Continue reading

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Regaining a Sense of Sin

Who cares about Tran and the Tradis in California? Sports fans take note: a Scottish theologian said that Scots might be committing a sin if they refuse to support the English in World Cup 2006. If a Scot has an … Continue reading

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Floating Rocks

That’s “rocks” as in the drinking term “on the rocks,” for these moons are more ice than stone. Nice image of two of Saturn’s minor moons. Janus, the larger of the two, is about as big as New Jersey, though … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup

Rock reports that the USCCB proposal for downsizing includes remaning the BCL (Bishop’s Committee on Liturgy) to the Committee for Divine Worship. CDW would also be “picking up the work of the ad hocs on “national shrines, the charismatic renewal, … Continue reading

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