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World Cup: Day One

I watch a wee bit of game 1, just enough to see Klose’s first goal. Brittany had outpatient surgery to remove an ear tube this morning, so foxes, hounds, swords and stones have been the prominent feature on the tube … Continue reading

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Titan Ducking Toward Saturn

This is a nice image just up today on the Cassini site. It has kind of an art-deco feel to it, don’t you think? Note the extension of sunlight well around the moon Titan. That’s an effect of the thick … Continue reading

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Whispering Through the Halo

I’ve enjoyed Busted Halo‘s four-part feature on the man behind Whispers in the Loggia. This exchange was notable from day two, possibly timely given the recent upheaval in my parish: BH: You talk to a lot of priests through your … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 67

Remaining on the economic train, Gaudium et Spes moves to a new section entitled, “Certain Principles Governing Socio-Economic Life as a Whole.” Let’s tune in: Human labor which is expended in the production and exchange of goods or in the … Continue reading

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Cardinal Rigali, Pawn of Politics

Or perhaps not. Maybe there’s something to be said in being the unhired gun brought in to rally the neo-moralist base. This bit from CNS: Bush said amending the Constitution was the only way to “take this issue out of … Continue reading

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