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Could Be Heading Home

The US team dig themselves a huge hole heading into their next two matches. As things currently stand, USA is in last place among all teams. The Czechs score in the 5th minute over on the left there and never … Continue reading

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When In Hockeytown …

Even in Hockeytown, this seems a bit over the top. Rock “breaks the ice” on his site. A few more links, too on the Maidafest in Detroit. But let me say that if they ever start carving busts of laity … Continue reading

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Misdiagnosed Wounds

Amy and her commentariat get into it over lay ministry among other things. To re-evaluate these lay ministry formation programs to see if what they are teaching is consistent with the Church’s teaching. I heard a story about one diocesan … Continue reading

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Praying for the World Cup

CNS picked up this story on Munich’s Catholic cathedral hosting a prayer service prior to the first World Cup match. Children wearing the soccer team jerseys of the 32 participating nations joined the religious leaders in the opening procession. The … Continue reading

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Polar Plumes

A time exposure image shows both the water plumes gushing from Enceladus’ south pole and the ringlight of Saturn’s summer nights. That overexposed chunk on the left would be Saturn’s rings in sunlight.

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Gaudium et Spes 70

A quickie Gaudium et Spes look at investments: Investments, for their part, must be directed toward procuring employment and sufficient income for the people both now and in the future. Whoever makes decisions concerning these investments and the planning of … Continue reading

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