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Travelogue 5

Whew! Back from the Falls, weary, a tad sunburned, but no worse for the wear. We had sunny and cool conditions all day. We drove out on the Lake Ontario State Parkway. No trucks allowed. Many glimpses of Lake Ontario. … Continue reading

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John Wesley’s Conversion

Well, I have returned. You will have to forgive me if I haven’t adequately kept up with all of the recent controversies. As some of you may remember, I got married at the beginning of this month and we are … Continue reading

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Travelogue 4

Didn’t make the Falls yesterday. The heavens poured down something more substantial (not consubstantial!) than dew. The clammy, rainy, occasionally downpourish conditions finally gave way to bright and clear skies early afternoon. By that time we had adjusted our plans … Continue reading

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