Travelogue 4

Didn’t make the Falls yesterday. The heavens poured down something more substantial (not consubstantial!) than dew. The clammy, rainy, occasionally downpourish conditions finally gave way to bright and clear skies early afternoon. By that time we had adjusted our plans to a three-way Scrabble match of the three generations: me, my mother, and my daughter.

I’d like to say we enjoyed a walk through Highland Park, but two of the three of us had some allergic experiences. I suspect by the youthful pouting we received, the other of us might have also been bombarded by pollen. Too bad. We checked out the conservatory (see image), then went on to a bit of a walking tour of my alma mater. Pouting continued.

I have to admit I haven’t been following the dewy debates of the USCCB on liturgy and all. A scientist (or your sensible blogger) will tell you than dew doesn’t quite fall from the skies. Rain comes from the skies, of course, as any Rochesterian will tell you. Dew is a product of a temperature differential between moisture-laden air and a surface radiating excess heat.

Here are a few geeky reflections to send us all on our busy days:

– Dew forms from moisture in proximity to the surface on which it appears. It doesn’t come from the sky, from clouds, or even the heavens.

– If the temperature of the surface and the air are nearly the same, dew will not form. In other words, if a person is on God’s wavelength (electromagnetically speaking) forget about the dew. Enjoy the breeze, if you can.

– Dew blesses someone relatively warmer than her or his surroundings. A hothead will attract dew. Perhaps spiritual dew is a blessing for angry persons.

Time to hit the road. God’s dew or breeze on your day!

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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