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What are Deacons?

On his always insightful blog, Steve Bogner writes about an article by the ethicist John Kavanaugh, SJ, in the June 19 issue of America: He states that we ‘must offer more than the impotence of outrage and moral posturing‘ in … Continue reading

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Haze and Ice

Two of the more interesting moons in the solar system are contrasted in this image. Ironically, what these two moons hold in common gives rise to their stark contrasting colors. Both bodies are, to varying degrees, geologically active. For Enceladus, … Continue reading

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Finding Sacrifice on the “Platform”

Over the years, I’ve been exposed to much of what “KCKPriest” described in a comment on the “Lesson” thread below. I don’t think his question is out-of-bounds: How often is the Holy Mass used as a platform or background for … Continue reading

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