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Thomas Merton’s Art: Suzuki and Maritain, Zen and Connaturality

In effect these writings are decidedly hopeful in their own way in so far as they stand outside all processes of production, marketing, consumption and destruction, which does not however mean that they cannot be bought. Nevertheless it is clear … Continue reading

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Not Relevant!

A battle cry associated with liberals, but John’s post about the relative lack of commentary on Vatican II documents got me thinking. Perhaps it’s a cultural trait, a failing (I suspect) of both left and right without discrimination, and maybe … Continue reading

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Gaudium et Spes 92

Gaudium et Spes continues a final roll: By virtue of her mission to shed on the whole world the radiance of the Gospel message, and to unify under one Spirit all (people) of whatever nation, race or culture, the Church … Continue reading

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