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On the Bookshelf

I’m happy to report that the read-o-meter at our household is up on all three indicators this summer. Going back to my enjoyable first adventures in Middle Earth back in early July 1972, the arrival of the summer solstice has … Continue reading

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Liberal Christianity, RIP

Charlotte Allen thinks so. But I say hold your apocalyptic horses. Your average Mr. and Mrs Newlywed Smith who hit town and start church shopping are likely not going to compare the CNA or Fundamentalism Today critiques of mainline churches … Continue reading

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Dei Verbum 3

God, who through the Word creates all things (see John 1:3) and keeps them in existence, gives (people) an enduring witness to Himself in created realities (see Rom. 1:19-20). Planning to make known the way of heavenly salvation, He went … Continue reading

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“… So as to Invite and Receive Them into Fellowship with Himself”

Perhaps the excerpt taken from Cardinal Kasper’s address was much too long and a bit complicated. I think that I can risk summarizing it in five brief points: – Revelation occurs in words and deeds. Revelation is part of the … Continue reading

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