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“Lebanon is more than a country …”

This is the end of a statement delivered by the Maronite Patriarch, Nasrallah Peter Cardinal Sfeir, at a press conference in Massachusetts yesterday. He had just concluded a visit to the United States. According to Google, it has not been … Continue reading

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What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

I don’t really have the time, or especially, the energy to blog much about Middle East developments. I’ll repeat the reality of the slippery slope from legitimate defense to retaliation against unjust or unfair attack to pre-emptive strike to save … Continue reading

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Dei Verbum 5 – Karl Barth and the “Obedience of Faith”

I would like to briefly redirect your attention to the very profound excerpt from Dei Verbum that Todd posted last night, especially the phrase “obedience of faith,” taken from St Paul’s Letter to the Romans (Rom 16:26 and also 1:5). … Continue reading

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Other Space Probes: Pluto, Mercury, Venus, and Mars

Elsewhere in the solar system, the New Horizons probe to Pluto is on target and operating well. The latest mission report describes a passing encounter with an asteroid, the naming of Pluto’s newly discovered moons (Nix and Hydra–the fainter dots … Continue reading

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Contrasts at Saturn: Catching Up

The Voyager probes sent back sublime images of formerly hidden details. The enormous advantage of the Cassini probe is that it’s an orbiter. It’s able to return again and again to view the planet, rings, and moon, permitting scientists to … Continue reading

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On the Boat

My brother’s friend passed on these pics from my favorite evening of vacation: when the two of us and my nephew went out in the boat. Unlike the first day of sailing, when the air was dead calm, we actually … Continue reading

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Dei Verbum 6

God’s choice, God’s grace to transcend the flawed human condition and reveal himself in intellectual ways: Through divine revelation, God chose to show forth and communicate Himself and the eternal decisions of His will regarding the salvation of (humankind). That … Continue reading

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