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Not a Space Snowman

It’s Enceladus passing in front of its larger sister Rhea. In reality they’re thousands of miles apart. The bright crescents are sunlight. The glow is planetshine from Saturn. Note the geysers pumping from the south pole of Enceladus. Too bad … Continue reading

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“In the Center, There is the Church”

As it should be. Zenit’s art correspondent Elizabeth Lev with a success story from a Roman church not quite empty. From an interview with her pastor: Don Carmelo told me that the spirit of renewal during Vatican II shaped his … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Ten Commandments

I bring for your thoughtful minds this offer from a parishioner: to fully fund this 64″ by 40″ by 24″ monument for our church grounds. Project Moses does a business in these marble monuments. Cost: up to $5,000. You’re in … Continue reading

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Rock on Newman

Or would it be, “Rock on Newmans?” In a post that must surely have the right end of the loggiaheads spinning in their soup, Rock gives it up for Catholic campus ministry in its incarnation as Newman Centers. Much of … Continue reading

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Dei Verbum 12

A favorable review of modern Biblical scholarship follows: However, since God speaks in Sacred Scripture through (authors) in human fashion, (St. Augustine, “City of God,” XVII, 6, 2: PL 41, 537: CSEL. XL, 2, 228.) the interpreter of Sacred Scripture, … Continue reading

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Lebanon: Solidarity and Maronite Sprituality

As steadfast friends of the Lebanese people, we believe that Lebanon, as the late Pope John Paul II said, should be “a model” for people of different faiths living together in peace. The current conflict puts at risk the progress … Continue reading

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