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Bashing Sources

Perhaps it’s a timely confluence as our series on Dei Verbum comes to a conclusion. Amy opens the door to her posse’s distrust of modern biblical scholarship, hammering away at Q a bit, and the commentariat rushes into the breach. … Continue reading

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Dei Verbum 25

This section prescribes reading (first) and study (second) for clergy and other leadership: Therefore, all the clergy must hold fast to the Sacred Scriptures through diligent sacred reading and careful study, especially the priests of Christ and others, such as … Continue reading

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Dei Verbum 24

Word plus tradition: a foundation on which to build: Sacred theology rests on the written word of God, together with sacred tradition, as its primary and perpetual foundation. By scrutinizing in the light of faith all truth stored up in … Continue reading

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Dei Verbum 23

This section affirms the value of studies in Patristics and liturgy as well as the Biblical studies that preceded the council. Why? Not necessarily for knowledge’s own sake, but for the pastoral aim of enlightenment, strength, and love on the … Continue reading

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Cardinal Johannes Willebrands, RIP

I’ve just learned that Cardinal Johannes Willebrands, a great ecumenist who was the very first secretary of the Vatican Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity, has passed away. I don’t have much time for any real reflection, which would be inadequate … Continue reading

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Authority is Service

Strangely enough, my first contribution to this blog took the form of a post on authority, based on a Trappist’s meditation on St Luke’s account of Jesus’ healing of the man with a withered hand (Lk 6:6-11). Since I would … Continue reading

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Jacques Maritain on Art

A little while back I posted on the topic of Thomas Merton’s art. The art historian Roger Lipsey has written about Merton’s closeness with Jacques Maritain, and I have since wanted to post something a bit more basic about Maritain … Continue reading

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