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Chess Is About Squares, Not Triangles

… but here’s an interesting story from the realm of 64. Meet the main characters (left to right): the chess world’s number three player Levon Aronian, the number three Aussie woman Arianne Caoili, and the punchy Brit Grandmaster Danny Gormally: … Continue reading

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Good Liturgical/Astronavigational Advice: Avoiding Black Holes

CNS picks up a wee bit of David Haas’s keynote at NPM’s Sacramento regional convention. Anger. Massive gravitational anomalies. Don’t get sucked in. Okay, I see the link.

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Already Apostles

With Zenit on summer vacation, I have to rely solely on Rock for my Vatican news. (Not an altogether ignorant way to go, mind you.) Here’s his post from last week, Pope Benedict addressing a gathering of European altar servers. … Continue reading

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Anonymity Anonymous

What at least one Catholic in the Kansas City area needs. Our new pastor made his opinion on one facet of American Catholic parish life well known: It didn’t take long! Within three weeks of my arrival here, I received … Continue reading

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Saturnian Sights

Some recently posted color images from the Cassini web page. First, Rhea (about 950 miles across) behind the shadow side of Saturn’s rings: And we have the potato-shaped Hyperion, about the size and shape of West Virginia, tan instead of … Continue reading

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What is the Point of Suffering?

This is the title of Fr John Garvey’s latest column in Commonweal. He wisely avoids trying “to make everything understandable or even all right.” Here are a few paragraphs: If you could be that science-fiction creature, the empath, someone who … Continue reading

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Jean Vanier and the “Wisdom of God”

I’d like to welcome Todd back. It’s a good thing that he came back before I reduced the site traffic to unrecoverable levels. The Jean Vanier essay from which I earlier posted was included in a festschrift for the patristics … Continue reading

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God Loves Us

My wise former pastor John Weiss believed that it was the message ordinary Catholics most needed to hear. We talked about it several months ago while setting up for a parish reconciliation service. In all of his years as a … Continue reading

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