Chess Is About Squares, Not Triangles

… but here’s an interesting story from the realm of 64. Meet the main characters (left to right): the chess world’s number three player Levon Aronian, the number three Aussie woman Arianne Caoili, and the punchy Brit Grandmaster Danny Gormally:

My monthly issue of Chess Life arrived while I was on vacation. I read about the story in which a jealous chessplayer punched out another guy who was dancing with the woman of … their fancy. Tonight I had to google to see what the world media was picking up on this two months ago. Here’s the Aussie press hopping all over the dance floor tussle at June’s World Chess Olympiad in Torino. There are dozens more links on the net if you’re into the tawdry, but …

What Chess Life didn’t give me was the young woman’s interest in Latin(!) and this quote:

“There is nothing like arguing for the mere pleasure of arguing. It is my weakness to sometimes start a random friction between myself and another to test reactions/psyche, get amused, or simply to relax.”

Yikes. That sounds like a few dozen Catholic bloggers I know.

For some reason, this team event features 4-man and 3-woman teams. Maybe the International Chess Federation should consider evening up the team sizes so there’s enough chessplaying women to dance with at the next Olympiad.

And the US men took the bronze medal. Like anybody was really interested in that with Arianne doing the salsa in an Italian disco.

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