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Moving Past Shock

An AP writer speculates a California bishop could face misdemeanor charges for a three-day delay in reporting a sex predator priest. This is from Kim Curtis’ article: State law requires priests and others to report child sexual abuse “immediately or … Continue reading

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Telling on “Live To Tell”

NPR aired a commentary today by Donna Freitas, religion professor at St. Michael’s College in Vermont. While I paused for the train to pass by, Freitas took a favorable view of Madonna’s cross and crown pose for “Live To Tell.” … Continue reading

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“A Complete Mess”

No, not the situation in the Catholic Church. And not the situation in the early solar system. The IAU committee has unveiled a brilliant plan to teach school kids that our sun now has twelve planets. Here’s a link, plus … Continue reading

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Lumen Gentium 5

Relying on images of the Gospels and Acts, the Church’s story as a visible reality commences: The mystery of the holy Church is manifest in its very foundation. The Lord Jesus set it on its course by preaching the Good … Continue reading

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The Only Good War is a Good War … or Maybe Not

Amy links a First Things editorial noting the divide between a conservative Catholic approach to war and what the pope’s been saying. Pope Benedict, who spent his formative years in the crucible of war-torn Europe, might know a thing or … Continue reading

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Gerasimos and the Lion: Monks and Animals

Hopefully, nobody takes the title of this post as a sign that Catholic Sensibility has definitively “jumped the shark.” I really believe that the relationship of desert monks and animals can teach us important spiritual lessons about restraint and eschatology. … Continue reading

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Brother Roger

Today, as the Pope recognized during his weekly Audience, is the first anniversary of Brother Roger’s death. The website of Taizé says that it will be “observed in a very simple way” with a celebration of the Eucharist at the … Continue reading

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