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Singing The Mass

There’s been a bit of discussion here and there about this principle. Let’s get a few things clear: – Al Gore did not invent it, and neither did post-Vatican II liturgy types. But the latter people have promoted it for … Continue reading

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Name That Planet!

Liam asked about available names for celestial bodies. The IAU, of 12-planet proposal fame, has set up these conventions among others, for the naming of extra-terrestrial objects: (Wikipedia sums it up here.) A few hundred bright stars have Arabic names. … Continue reading

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Lumen Gentium 6

The kingdom of God is described metaphorically, say the council bishops. Let me suggest that the various metaphors are not intended to be used to defeat arguments for women’s ordination, for democratic philosophies within religious orders or parishes, or even … Continue reading

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The Archbishop in his Tent

Todd posted on the public prayer and fast of the Anglican Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, below. You can read an Anglican Communion News Service story here. Stephen Bates, the religion reporter of the Guardian, has interviewed Dr Sentamu … Continue reading

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