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Climate Change: Plug Your Ears, Sing La-La-La

I found a typical thread on another blog yesterday. Lots of chiming in against global warming. As if it were a political opinion of which one could be in favor or not. Conservatives (betraying their name, in this instance) seem … Continue reading

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Non Sum Dignus

What’s that? Don’t know the Latin? It’s what you say before receiving Communion (unless you’re a St Joan’s parishioner): Lord I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed. Don’t misunderstand me. … Continue reading

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Lumen Gentium 19

More on hierarchy from Vatican II. First the Scriptural foundation for it: The Lord Jesus, after praying to the Father, calling to Himself those whom He desired, appointed twelve to be with Him, and whom He would send to preach … Continue reading

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Lovers of the Place

Rocco Palmo, as well as other writers, have reported on the death of Dom Francis Kline, abbot of Mepkin Abbey in South Carolina. Dom Kline, a Trappist, will be buried tomorrow. Rocco also linked to an article in the State … Continue reading

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