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Little Moon Making Waves

  Daphnis stirring things up in the Keeler Gap of Saturn’s rings. Cute, eh? That moon is about four miles across.

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Messages from Taizé

I would like to provide an excerpt from the text of the most recent Thursday night meeting between Brother Alois and the young people visting Taizé. First, I should note that there are two responses on the website of Taizé … Continue reading

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More From The Progressive/Traditionalist Divide

Sometimes I wonder exactly how helpful posts like this really are. Another favorite sparring partner and I have been tussling on the NLM site the past day or two. I confess the guilty pleasure of discussing things with people of … Continue reading

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Defining Terms: Progressive and Modernist

Pes, a frequent sparring partner in blogodom, asked if I would clarify my essential approach by answering these two questions: What you mean by “progressive”? How is it different from “modernist”? Let me preface my essay by stating that I … Continue reading

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Lumen Gentium 29

Finishing up with deacons, including Vatican II’s hallmark direction to restore the permanent diaconate: At a lower level of the hierarchy are deacons, upon whom hands are imposed “not unto the priesthood, but unto a ministry of service.”(Constitutiones Ecclesiac aegyptiacae, … Continue reading

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