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Charitable Hatred

Perhaps this puzzling title will seem to refer to the recent and disturbing controversy in the Middle East over a lecture that very few people have actually read. But I would like to look at Europe’s own past, and more … Continue reading

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Lumen Gentium 32

In the original Pauline Theology of the Body, diversity is a big plus for Christians, and nowhere is this diversity so noticeable as in the laity: By divine institution Holy Church is ordered and governed with a wonderful diversity. “For … Continue reading

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Solar Luminosity Not A Warming Factor

Scientists acquit the sun of serious wrongdoing on the global warming front. Some Republicans will no doubt react by putting their fingers in their ears and singing la-la-la at the top of their lungs. Actually, there could be solar influence … Continue reading

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Earth, Meet Eris

Pluto’s slightly bigger rival and the chief architect of demoting #134340 from planethood got a name this week. The celestial object formerly known as Xena (with moon formerly known as Gabrielle) will now be called Eris. The moon was named … Continue reading

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“A Rather Shrill Organ”

No … not that kind of organ. Nor that … We’re talking about the Catholic League, taking a break from defending all things Catholic to attacking all things non-Republican. Morning’s Minion has the takedown. Ideological bedfellows don’t quite know what … Continue reading

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Subsidizing The Catholic Press

Three approaches I can pass on for your commentary. Two are described in this CNS news brief, and the third is from my own diocese. Seattle WA: Quoting increased printing and postage costs, the Bishop Brunett reduces the Catholic Northwest … Continue reading

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Appeal to Parents

Zenit provided the whole text of the pope’s address to First Communicants and their families. I can probably assume he’s preaching to the choir here, but just in case you want to pass it on, the full link is here.Catholic … Continue reading

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