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Enceladus and the E-Ring

The Cassini probe has maneuvered itself to get a long look at Saturn’s rings backlit by the sun. Ring experts have been looking forward to twelve hours of occultation to examine Saturn’s seven known rings for fine structure. Check out … Continue reading

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Lumen Gentium 35

In the last section, we read the pep talk based on the involvement of the laity in the priestly mission of Christ. In this, the council bishops turn to the role of Christ the Prophet as the inspiration for lay … Continue reading

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Lumen Gentium 34

Discussing the laity … The supreme and eternal Priest, Christ Jesus, since he wills to continue his witness and service also through the laity, vivifies them in this Spirit and increasingly urges them on to every good and perfect work. … Continue reading

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Thomas Merton and Islam II

Last year, in Cologne, the Pope met with representatives of the Muslim community and delivered an address. He said, “Interreligious and intercultural dialogue between Christians and Muslims cannot be reduced to an optional extra. It is in fact a vital … Continue reading

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