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Torture, Again

I usually don’t write about current events, mainly because my immediate reactions often turn out to be misguided and I generally need some space and time to consider things that don’t fit nicely into the few categories that I already … Continue reading

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What is a Monastery For?

Todd, who I trust has recovered from the flu, and I have posted a few times about monasteries and the monastic tradition (see here, for example), so I thought that the title question here would be relevant. Needless to say, … Continue reading

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Lumen Gentium 37

This section looks at the relationship between laity and the hierarchy. In this first paragraph, we see something post-Vatican II Catholics generally have no problem expressing, namely “needs and desires.” The laity have the right, as do all Christians, to … Continue reading

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Lumen Gentium 36

We turn to an examination of the third quality of the Christian believer: our participation in the royal aspect of Christ’s bestowal upon his disciples. Naturally, this kingly nature is embedded in the Son’s kenosis, or self-emptying sacrifice. Christ, becoming … Continue reading

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