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On the Bookshelf: Ice Cold and Space

I’d recommend this excellent book if your interests lie in history, mythology, travelling, or in cold places. Joanna Kavenna‘s The Ice Museum takes a look at the mythical land of Thule and explores that theme to the farthest populated regions … Continue reading

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Participatio Examples

Richard asked for some specifics on our participatio topic, so let me give these a shot before bedtime. * Is a dialogue response in the readings necessary to ensure PA in this part of the liturgy? Not so much: *can* … Continue reading

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Bum Knee Undoes Catholic Channel Kickoff

Rock blogs on the delay in the launch of the Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio. While I’m sympathetic to an ailing guy recovering from surgery, I confess being perturbed that knee-replacement is going to throw a temporary wrench into … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Communion Services

Over at Amy’s there’s an amazingly calm and relatively short thread on Communion Services. This is the liturgy celebrated when a priest is not available. After readings and some of the prayers used during Mass, and under the leadership of … Continue reading

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A Little More on Participation

One of the temptations of blogging is to comment (often loudly) on subjects about which one knows relatively little. I will resist the temptation here. I don’t have the erudition to provide an interpretation of “actuosa participatio” in Sacrosanctum Concilium. … Continue reading

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More on Participatio

Liturgy posts guarantee a bump in traffic, and a few guests from the traditionalist camp don’t hurt things either. Let’s get right to the task and respond to some of the good questions posed yesterday in the “Participatio” thread. First, … Continue reading

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Lumen Gentium 43

Chapter VI is a new horizon in Lumen Gentium, and it treats religious life in the Church. Let’s read first that aspects of religious life are divinely ordained, church-approved and regulated, and that the diversity to which they give rise … Continue reading

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