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Sounding Off On Communion Services

Thanks for your posts on this topic from yesterday. On the armchair liturgist series, I try to toss out a question and hang back to see what people will say. Even though this is a fairly radical idea, I’d rather … Continue reading

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I should have been more clear on what I wrote about the priest + people dialogues at Mass. The Lord be with you And also with you This frequent one and the other more extended ones for the introductory rites … Continue reading

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Lumen Gentium 44

We continue our close examination of Vatican II’s look at religious life in a lightly footnoted section. The faithful of Christ bind themselves to the three aforesaid counsels either by vows, or by other sacred bonds, which are like vows … Continue reading

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The Ticking Time Bomb Scenario

As I’ve mentioned, I usually don’t post on politics. I wouldn’t be very good at it. A few days ago, however, I suggested that you read Bishop Thomas Wenski’s September 19 letter on military commissions and the proposed amendments to … Continue reading

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