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The Exchange of Gifts: Spiritual Ecumenism

If you are coming to this blog for the first time or just the first time in a while, please read Todd’s “Sixty Minute Plan” post below. A good number of Catholics, I suspect, regard ecumenism as an unexciting institutional … Continue reading

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Lumen Gentium 46

We’ve moved past Vatican II’s look at the call to holiness of all believers, and are into the examination of religious life. Today’s theme seems to center on setting a good example for others. Religious should carefully keep before their … Continue reading

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Sixty Minute Plan

I’d like to ask your assistance for a project I’ve been asked to undertake. The committee at my parish responsible for organizing First Friday Eucharistic Adoration thinks a plan for newbies might be helpful. I’ve drafted this “Sixty Minute Plan … Continue reading

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Violent Christians?

In the current issue of Christianity Today (this article is not online), the Yale theologian Miroslav Volf and his colleagues at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture suggest that, if Christians are to exemplify a “counterculture for the common … Continue reading

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The Small Parish Problem

You know: where the Roman disciplinary requirement of mandatory celibacy does a smackdown on the Catholic faithful and their celebration of the Eucharist. On the Communion Service thread below, the issue of ordaining viri probati, proven men, to the priesthood … Continue reading

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Lumen Gentium 45

More on religious life … It is the duty of the ecclesiastical hierarchy to regulate the practice of the evangelical counsels by law, since it is the duty of the same hierarchy to care for the People of God and … Continue reading

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Sounding Off On Communion Services

Thanks for your posts on this topic from yesterday. On the armchair liturgist series, I try to toss out a question and hang back to see what people will say. Even though this is a fairly radical idea, I’d rather … Continue reading

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