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The Annual Check-Up

I’ve avoided it in a lot more places than I did it, but I still think it’s a good idea: an annual check-up with each choir member. A director should track the ranges of the singers, getting a sense of … Continue reading

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Sacrosanctum Concilium 17

More on liturgical formation: In seminaries and houses of religious, clerics shall be given a liturgical formation in their spiritual life. For this they will need proper direction, so that they may be able to understand the sacred rites and … Continue reading

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Discipline and Spontaneity

I learned from Whispers in the Loggia that, yesterday, the Trappist community of Mepkin Abbey elected Dom Stanislaus Gomula as the new abbot. Keep him in your prayers. The community’s previous abbot, Dom Francis Kline, passed away in August. I … Continue reading

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After some heavy European history earlier this month, I had some fun this past weekend with Chris Roberson‘s Paragaea, reviewed here. I was reading the history mainly to get a sense of the Church’s role in the Great War. I … Continue reading

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Liturgical Rumblings

Talking with some colleagues over the past several days. You know: real world colleagues who have to deal with liturgy in parishes, some of whom are even priests. One friend had an interesting take on the end of the lay … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Auditions for Choir Members

What do you think, liebchens? Good idea? Necessary idea? Pastoral disaster? I’ll weigh in tomorrow with my opinion.

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Dark Rings and Smooth Operators

Here’s the latest full color image from Saturn, looking down on the dark side of the rings. The bright sliver on the lower left is the crescent of the day side of the planet. Looks like Blogger has its act … Continue reading

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