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Sacrosanctum Concilium 8

This is a pretty straightforward piece. Liturgy binds us with the community of heaven: the saints and angels in their worship of God in glory. In the earthly liturgy we take part in a foretaste of that heavenly liturgy which … Continue reading

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Dishwashing Duty

If it’s not already, the Catholic blogotariat will be atwitter about this one fairly soon: At the direction of Pope Benedict XVI, extraordinary ministers of holy Communion will no longer be permitted to assist in the purification of the sacred … Continue reading

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How To Improve Church Music I

This is a bit of a chicken and egg thing. Without leadership and commitment from the bishops and pastors, good musicians won’t be attracted to Roman Catholic parishes, at least not in the numbers we need. And if we lack … Continue reading

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Mission as Telling the Story of Jesus

The blog looks a little strange today. Someone seems to have absconded with our left-hand column. (I can’t do anything about it, but I trust that Todd soon will.) As many of you might have noticed, the 2006 Asian Mission … Continue reading

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