Liturgical Rumblings

Talking with some colleagues over the past several days. You know: real world colleagues who have to deal with liturgy in parishes, some of whom are even priests. One friend had an interesting take on the end of the lay purification indult: it’s not the pope; it’s Arinze.

On the Kansas City front, there’s nothing afoot on implementation yet. But I did hear from a friend about a conservative pastor who wants to install Canticle: The Franciscan University Hymnal in his parish.

The hardcover hymnal, which is used daily in Christ the King Chapel, consists of a comprehensive selection of music styles including traditional hymnody and contemporary songs, as well as Gregorian chant and praise and worship songs.

I looked at it for about five minutes today. Lots of praise and worship songs. Lots. Five Mass settings by Jim Cowan. Only two by Marty Haugen. Some plainsong, but probably more bits from GIA’s contemporary psalms. A good quantity of hymns with “questionable” theology, as they say.

I’d be curious to know what my reform2 friends think of this. Or anybody else.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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