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My Liturgical Habitat

Just for the heck of it, I thought I’d show you a few images of my parish church. Here’s the exterior with Tudor theme: And the interior from the choir loft. The clutter in front of the altar is from … Continue reading

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Like My Oak Trees …

I have the software downloaded and the new Catholic Sensibility site up, but I can’t figure out how to make WordPress do what I want it to do. Ack. Maybe another day. Blogger seems to be regurgitating all the pretty … Continue reading

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All Souls: Good, Bad, Ugly, Etc.

We had a good experience with a parish novelty last night: an evening Mass on All Souls with a reception following. We’ve always invited next-of-kin to our morning Mass and had coffee and rolls afterward. Our new pastor Father Don … Continue reading

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Sacrosanctum Concilium 23

More on general norms to be used in liturgical reform That sound tradition may be retained, and yet the way remain open to legitimate progress careful investigation is always to be made into each part of the liturgy which is … Continue reading

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How to Read the Story of Adam and Eve

In his current “Life in Christ” column – which is always worth reading, the Orthodox priest and exegete John Breck responds to a question that is unfortunately more often brushed aside with a smile than actually answered: How do we … Continue reading

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How To Improve Church Music III: What’s A Pastor To Do

A pastor has to hire a competent professional he can trust, who is close to agreement with him in pastoral and theological philosophy. Then let go.Aside from that, priests can do a lot of familiarize themselves with music, even if … Continue reading

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Sacrosanctum Concilium 22

Vatican II details “general norms” mentioned in the last section: 1. Regulation of the sacred liturgy depends solely on the authority of the Church, that is, on the Apostolic See and, as laws may determine, on the bishop. 2. In … Continue reading

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