Election Night

I had a church meeting last night just as the results started popping in. But I got home at a decent hour. My regular readers know I’m no raving Democrat. (You do know that, don’t you?) But I confess more than a little glee over the results of last night’s results. Except for Missouri’s cloning amendment, which seems to have squeaked through.

I caught a bit of Santorum’s concession speech, and he was very gracious, including haggling his supporters to give a round of applause to Senator-elect Casey, despite their groans. I had only recently been aware of his break from R’s on fighting poverty, and his general avoidance of the Washington social scene. I confess feeling a bit sorry for him. Given his naive liberal bashing, I’m inclined to think he’s not such a bad sort, just immature.

By 10PM last night, I was tired, so I went to bed and read a bit before falling asleep. I got up in the wee hours and turned on the tube long enough to hear Talent’s concession speech. It took me a few seconds to grasp what he was saying, because it seemed the networks were ready to call Missouri’s Senate seat red just a few hours earlier. Then it was back to bed.
Then when I got up this morning, the little bottom bar on CNN was reading US Senate 49-49. But why don’t they concede two seats are really non-D? The D’s don’t have a Senate majority. One of those independents is a socialist, isn’t he? And now it seems as if the two toss-up states are leaning blue. (Hate that term.)

So while I feel gleeful amidst my blogging colleagues today, I’m wondering if the Democrats really have a handle on what the nation needs at this point. Aside from a genuine third party, that is.

One last thing. Did you see those lame bloggers on cnn at that Washington DC cafe? What was that? People sitting around staring at computer screens like some slumber party. Republican headquarters were probably more lively than this. I gave a thought to giving up blogging if I ever become “famous” for that. These are supposed to be important folks in the political swing of things?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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