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Are Bible Stories “Myths”?

I would like to post part of Fr John Breck’s latest “Life in Christ” column. Fr Breck suggests that the Bible does reflect “certain universal mythical themes,” but claims that these themes have been “transformed by the essentially historical interest … Continue reading

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The Allergy of Intercourse

I couldn’t resist passing this other bit of science onto y’all. Check out this article on women being allergic to sex. David Resnick, allergist and immunologist was interviewed by the LiveScience site: (S)ymptoms can include itching, burning and swelling in … Continue reading

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NASA’s Sunscreen Plan

Fighting global warming with sunshades in space. Technovelgy.com‘s Bill Christensen asks: Should I be worried that the government is actually thinking they need some sort of space-based fallback plan for the global warming problem? … because NASA has actually funded … Continue reading

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Ten Signs of Healthy Youth Sports

While scanning commentary on the Bills and Amerks, I found this interesting piece on my hometown sports page. I couldn’t print highlights from the article without copying the whole thing, so please go read the whole thing. 10 signs of … Continue reading

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Sacrosanctum Concilium 42

A definition of the pastor’s role, to be a vicar for the bishop. But because it is impossible for the bishop always and everywhere to preside over the whole flock in his Church, he cannot do other than establish lesser … Continue reading

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Opening the Book on Bishops Meeting

Amy and her posse are all over the first day of the USCCB powwow in Baltimore. The liturgy stuff naturally get my interest. First, the usual fussing about publishers: why not just let the hammer fall on ’em, says the … Continue reading

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Here’s Looking At You

  Polar hurricane on Saturn. See the movie here.

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