Ten Signs of Healthy Youth Sports

While scanning commentary on the Bills and Amerks, I found this interesting piece on my hometown sports page. I couldn’t print highlights from the article without copying the whole thing, so please go read the whole thing.

10 signs of a good youth sports program:
1. It has implemented comprehensive risk-management and child protection programs.
2. Is child centered.
3. It does not exclude (i.e., cut) children before fifth grade.
4. Before fifth grade, teams comprise kids of the same age and neighborhood but mixed abilities.
5. It uses independent evaluators, not parent coaches, to select teams.
6. It has implemented rules for equal playing time (before sixth grade) and significant playing time (after sixth grade).
7. It’s accountable to parents and solicits their input.
8. It requires that coaches receive training and are evaluated every season.
9. Parent training is mandatory.
10. Sensible limits are set for the number of practices and games per week.
The site http://momsteam.com/ has a ton of useful information.

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1 Response to Ten Signs of Healthy Youth Sports

  1. Brigid says:

    Very useful for some moms and me. I really am stuggling with how much time we spend with all the *extra* stuff out there. But I have to be careful that I’m not over doing it as a mom: ie. the “helicopter parent” phenomenom. I think *that* would be worse for my son. Sometimes I think these sorts of “movements” by parents are there way to stay, yet again, too involved in their kids lives. I mean, if my son really wants to be on a basketball team and a soccer team at the same time, why not? He has a hard time finding kids in the neighborhood to play “pick up” games because they: 1) like video games and t.v. better 2) their parents work full-time and not home until 6pm 3) homework obsession after school so that they have time to watch nighly TV with family. It’s really hard to find families who have kids who just want to “hang out” and play after school every day! Am I the only one?

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